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Digital Loyalty Rewards

60% of customers don't return after their 1st visit - We bring them back!

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Ditch those pesky punch cards

Easy customer sign up process

Hands-free loyalty that actually works


It's This Easy

Customers Enter Phone # On Loyalty Kiosk to Join & Check-in
Boostly's Customer Digital Loyalty Rewards Kiosk for small businesses
  • Increase purchase frequency & ticket size
  • Automatically engage lapsed customers
  • Birthday clubs
  • Customizable reward thresholds
  • Build a high quality customer database
Why Didn't My Last Rewards Program Work?
Loyalty without effective communication gives limited results. That's why Boostly's rewards program works hand in hand with our automated texting platform, which is what really makes it rain dollars!
Are You a Full Service Restaurant?
We have other solutions if a kiosk isn't ideal for your operations.
  • QR Codes & Text-to-Join Features Make Joining Easy
  • Employee Check-in Manager Simplifies the Process
  • Know Which Servers Get The Most Sign Ups
Full Service restaurants can sign up for loyalty rewards with kiosks, qr codes, table tents, and other tools.

Andy Gartz

Owner, SLABpizza

We doubled our online sales in 90 days. Boostly customized a secret menu club for us and drives an incredible amount of extra repeat business and reviews every month.

Get More New & Repeat Customers - Guaranteed

Want to see how?

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